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You'll love how your guitar sounds.

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Located in Vancouver BC,  Misha Udovenko is a Master Guitar Technician, Repair Artist and Guitar Restorer with over 35 years and 100,000 guitars’ experience. He has never seen a guitar he could not improve. Beyond his technical expertise, clients love Misha’s insight and commitment to customer satisfaction.

When you want to work with someone who loves music and is willing to take the time to finish the job to perfection, make his business your first stop.

Set ups.

Maximize the performance of your instrument with a Master set-up and have your intonation set to your playing style.

Playability assessment and recommendations for enhancements that will improve ease of playing.

Repairs, modifications and enhancements.

  • Fret levelling, refrets, neck resets, broken trussrods Headstock repairs. custom nuts, tuning machine repair and replacement
  • ​All forms of bridge reglues, repairs, customization, compensated saddles
  • ​Bridgeplate repair and replacement
  • ​Repair of loose or cracked braces, tops and backs
  • ​Loose or damaged binding
  • Righty to lefty conversions and custom modifications


Repair/replacement/upgrade of all electronic components including wiring, knobs, switches and pickups.  Let Misha turn your sedate four-cylinder Chevy in to a screaming V-12 Ferrari!

  • Steve Dawson
    For years I entrusted all my acoustic guitar repairs and setups to Misha. He really understood my needs as a player and his work was always of the highest calibre. I'd still be using him today if I didn't live a thousand miles away!
    -Steve Dawson
  • Paul Plimley
    “For the past nine years I have taken various guitars from my collection to Misha Udovenko for repair. Sometimes the work was of the order of a guitar setup, sometimes a disconnected neck on my ukulele! In all cases, Misha has restored my instruments to top condition and playability. He takes great pride and care in his work, and it shows! On my Gretsch archtop, he fashioned a wood base plate to bring the pickups closer to the strings. Beforehand the distance from pickup to strings was overly far, compared to other archtops. The neck was already at a perfect straight angle, so his solution gave the tone much greater presence and fullness! Plus it looked both sleek and discreet! This was another wonderful improvement to my guitars! May I add that prices are very reasonable, work is done on time, and last but not least, he is an incredible human being! I recommend him most highly!” 
    -Paul Plimley
  • I have been trusting Misha with my instruments for over 15 years. Most of the instruments I bring to him are rare Mexican instruments, and old guitars, including a 1890 European Parlour Guitar. He always does excellent work, whether it’s repairing an instrument, installing a pick-up or simply doing a set-up. His is prompt and reasonably priced. I highly recommend him.
    -Tom Landa
  • David F. Ramos
    Misha treats his craft and every detail of his work as a legacy to his customer. I’ve gone to his workshop with damaged guitars many times, and I would dare to say they sound and feel better than they did before they got wrecked. When someone asks me if I know someone who can revive their instruments, I'm always proud to tell the about Misha. I know for sure I’ll be thanked for the intel.
    -David F. Ramos
  • Anonymous
    As a classical guitarist I have long known that guitars built in Spain by the late Ignatio Fleta are some of the most desirable instruments in the world.  A cello maker by trade, Fleta dedicated himself wholly to making classical guitars after a chance meeting with Andres Segovia in Barcelona.  His guitars have a dark, old world sound with incredible sustain and singing trebles.  But they also have a reputation for being hard to play. A few years ago I had a strange dream that I was buying a Fleta at an auction.  I shrugged it off assuming it would never happen.  But a month later I heard that a 1975 Fleta was coming up for auction at Christies in New York City.  Well, it seemed destined that I try to get it.   It was totally nuts but during the event I bid for it over the phone, never having played the instrument.  It was the dream you see.  How else would I have been crazy enough to place the winning bid of $24,000! I had it shipped to Vancouver and when it arrived I was awestruck.  It was dark, very dark, like an old cello.  And it sounded like one too.  It was just what I wanted.  But I also realized pretty quickly that it was a bear of a guitar to play.  Incredible tone, like something out of history, but oh my poor left hand!  Over the years it called to me frequently to pick it up and play it.  But as I prepared for my ARCT in classical guitar I had to keep putting it down in favor of a less interesting instrument that was easier to play.  So I kept it as a collectors’ guitar, playing it once in a while to reconfirm that I wasn’t up to it.  But it always bugged me. A couple of years ago I heard that Misha Udovenko could do wonders with guitars so I called him and arranged a consultation for the Fleta.  I told him that I was sick of just looking at the guitar and that I wanted to play it.  I wanted it to be a players’ guitar, my playing guitar. Misha recommended a resurfacing of the fingerboard, refret with larger frets, custom work at the nut, adjustment of the action of certain strings and a custom fossil bridge insert to narrow the distance between the strings.  It took me a while to decide whether to go ahead.  I knew that as a collector I should just leave the guitar unmodified, but then I wouldn’t be able to play it.  As a player I wanted to go ahead in hopes of making this my guitar for a lifetime.  After some considerable handwringing I told him to make the changes. The results were extraordinary.  The action is now soft and perfect.  The frets are friendly and my accuracy seems so much greater.  The tone is exquisite.  Best of all, I am no longer afraid to play it.  It is, finally the guitar I originally dreamed about and wanted.  So now I play my Fleta every day.  I am planning to use it in my performances and upcoming examination.  Misha has turned this instrument from a collectors’ guitar into a players’ dream.  Thank you so much Misha.